• Scientific and Technical Information Resources

Scientific and Technical Information Resources

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As the world of information continues its march toward the electronic format, librarians need to be savvy in handling the electronic collections. The scientific libraries therefore need to formulate a separate e-resource collection development policies to address these issues. This book focuses on current trends in scientific and technical communication, historical aspects, and characteristics and bibliographic control of different forms of scientific and technical literature. It analysis the various information sources and resources in science and technology. 

Print ISBN: 9781682507735 | 150 $ | 2022 | Hardcover

Subject: Library Science

Editor: Jean-Paul Soucy

About the editor: Jean-Paul Soucy, PhD, currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Library and Information Science. He has keen interest in collection development strategies, cutting edge instruction and reference techniques, document delivery, and remote access. He has contributed several research articles on specific areas such as new information technology, education and training, human resource management, the changing role of the library, future developments, and bibliographic databases.