• Global Librarianship

Global Librarianship

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Librarians help their constituencies find and make use of information contained in a collection of various kinds, sizes and resources to support individual needs as well as an organization’s strategic goals. A 21st-century librarian is required to be very much updated of technological changes. New age librarians are making greater use of emerging technologies in the library management and services to make it more popular and useful among the patrons. This book addresses international librarianship from both the point of view of education for international librarianship and librarianship at the international level. It covers comprehensive information in the field of librarianship. 

Print ISBN: 9781682507728 | 150 $ | 2022 | Hardcover

Subject: Library Science

Editor: Laura Morin

About the editor: Laura Morin holds MS and PhD in Library and Information Science. He has worked for 12 years as a librarian in the Dept. of Library and Information Science. His research focuses on Transforming LIS Education in 21st Century, Internationalization of LIS Education, Technology Enabled Learning, and methodological approaches for understanding public libraries and their communities.