• Subject Analysis Methodologies

Subject Analysis Methodologies

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The book discusses the nature and importance of subject analysis and subject authority control in the retrieval tools used in libraries and information centers. Topics covered include book indexing, automatic indexing, indexing software, database design, and the literature of indexing. It attempts to project the nature of subject analysis systems requirements into the future and to draw some conclusions about what new information professionals should be taught, and what skills they need to acquire to develop and operate subject analysis systems into the next century.

Print ISBN: 9781682507711 | 150 $ | 2022 | Hardcover

Subject: Library Science

Editor: Sean James Miller

About the editor: Sean James Miller is working as a faculty member in library and information studies. He also drew on underlying competencies in logic, mathematics, and computation, adding these to the background in the humanities. He has been part of national and international working groups and projects