• International Food Law and Policy

International Food Law and Policy

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An effective food legislation and food control are required for every nation to promote a safe food supply to protect consumers from contaminated foods. Food regulations are necessary because of new scientific knowledge, changes in food processing technology to protect public health. The book includes food-based approaches as the most effective way to address existing micronutrient deficiencies. These approaches must include appropriate strategies to assure dietary diversification, improved food availability, food preservation, nutrition education, and food fortification. This book is intended to help gain a basic understanding of the complex array of laws and regulations that govern the manufacture and marketing of food in a particular region. This book will be a valuable resource both for professionals working in food regulation and anyone interested in the subject.

Print ISBN: 9781682507070| $ 155 | 2021 | Hardcover

Subject: Food Science and Nutrition

Editor: Miguel C. Marwa