• Sanitation  and Hygiene in Food Processing

Sanitation and Hygiene in Food Processing

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Food is essential to life; hence food safety is a basic human right. Billons of people in the world are at risk of unsafe food. Many millions become sick while hundreds of thousand die yearly. This book presents the method of keeping the food safe. It stresses on the importance of providing information on good food safety practices to consumers. Focus is also made on the importance of cleanliness as cleanliness and better sanitation promotes food safety, washing hands with soap before eating, cutting vegetables or meat, prevents cross contamination. Personal hygiene for all food handlers promotes food safety. The interest of the scientific community in food safety is illustrated, which explored the potential of science to tackle the challenge of feeding the estimated 9 billion people who will inhabit the Earth by 2050. 

Print ISBN: 9781682507056| $ 155 | 2021 | Hardcover

Subject: Food Science and Nutrition

Editor: Byung Kwon Kim