• Library Development in 21st Era

Library Development in 21st Era

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Libraries are educational foundations, and it is natural to expect digital libraries to provide new avenues for creative educational practices. The rapid expansion of IT, Internet, and World Wide Web has a major impact on how libraries manage their collections and provide services. As a result, the paradigm of information accessing & searching is shifting away from professional-mediated mode to end-user self-service mode. So in order to understand the shift of information service and trends, evaluation of digital services is important. The current book is aimed to present trends in digital library services research in 21st century along with the theme of the articles to readers to understand the past research in the field. It is also intended to presents the role of librarian in digital era

Print ISBN: 9781682506912| $ 150 | 2021 | Hardcover

Subject: Library Science

Editor: Raúl Durán Díaz