• Advanced Water Science and Technology

Advanced Water Science and Technology

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Water is not only precious for human life, it also vital to all lives in the planet. The important sources of water are surface water, underground water and rain water. The increasing population in urban areas results in concentrated discharge of large quantities of water into rivers, lakes and estuaries. The issue of water resources plays an important role in the global environment. The book presents detailed discussion on the application of various technologies for water treatment, remediation and recycling technologies and provides an update on the development in water treatment. The improvement of water resources utilization efficiency, that encompasses water saving, is proposed in this book as a key measure in the mitigation of water shortage. The book examines topics in depth, with an emphasis on innovative research and technologies for those dealing with the field. 

Print ISBN: 9781682507223 | $ 155 | 2021 | Hardcover

Subject: Environmental Science

Editor: Deadric Williams