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The term image segmentation refers to the partition of an image into a set of regions that cover it. The goal in many tasks is for the regions to represent meaningful areas of the image, such as the crops, urban areas, and forests of a satellite image. To be meaningful and useful for image analysis and interpretation, the regions should strongly relate to depicted objects or features of interest. Meaningful segmentation is the first step from low-level image processing transforming a greyscale or color image into one or more other images to high-level image description in terms of features, objects, and scenes. The field of digital image segmentation is continually evolving. This book highlights the significant progress that has been made in the field of image segmentation in just the past few years.

Print ISBN: 9781682500187 | $ 180 | 2016 | Hardcover

Contributors: Roberto Rodríguez Morales, Didier Domínguez et al